There are three components to our work with you. Information received is confidential.


We learn of you and your interest in representation through the intake process. You call our office and some basic information is taken by the person answering the phone. The information is provided in confidence. Please provide the information that is requested of you, which is necessary for us to evaluate the possibility of representation.

Based on the intake, we determine whether it is in your best interest to proceed with a consultation and possible representation. If we believe that your interests could be better served by another lawyer, we will try to provide referral counsel for you to contact. The intake process is without charge to you.

We prefer phone intakes to email because the person you will be speaking with knows what information to seek concerning your situation and will guide the discussion. Intakes take 10-20 minutes. We get back to you quickly, often the same day you call, usually not later than the next business day.


A consultation is next. You will be called by a staff member who will explain that the consultation can be conducted in person, which is preferred in the Washington metro area, or by phone, or by Zoom. The consultation is to review your case and to offer our advice on the merits of the case or situation, whether representation is advisable, and, if so, what the process entails and what the likely cost will be.

The consultation usually last from 30 minutes to an hour, and the charge for the consultation is $200. If the consultation is by phone, the consultation fee is payable in advance of the consultation; we schedule the consultation when the payment is received by check or credit card.

You will be told what documents you should bring with you or e-mail to us. The consultation may be all that the client requires. However, if representation is required, we move to retainer and representation.


Representation is through a written retainer agreement explaining the work to be done, the hourly rate to be charged, and the advance retainer payment that is placed into a trust account against which our itemized monthly bills are paid. If the cost of the representation exceeds what is paid into the trust account as a retainer, you receive monthly billings to be paid on receipt.

If at the conclusion of our representation the cost does not exceed what was paid into the trust fund, you receive a refund of the difference. When attorneys fees are received through settlement or because you prevailed in a case for which attorneys fees were awarded, any outstanding bill is paid from the fees received, and the remaining fees received are returned up to the amount of the fees you paid to us.